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The full-automatic 80 needle salt water injection machine can quickly and evenly inject the salt solution into the muscle tissue to prolong the quality guarantee time of the product and improve the flavor and color of the product. The traditional development methods include dry salt rubbing and marinating, which not only takes a long time, but also the salt diffusion is not uniform, the salt quantity cannot be accurately controlled, and the quality is not stable. The product has poor water retention and low yield. Salt water injection can accelerate the development speed and make salt water evenly diffuse and permeate, shorten 2 / 3 curing time, improve product quality, improve water retention and increase yield.
The automatic 80 needle salt water injection machine is reasonable in structure, rigorous in structure, convenient in operation, easy to clean, clean and sanitary. It is equipped with automatic protection device. When the injection needle touches hard objects, the injection needle will spring up without damage. It is a special equipment for the production of ham, barbecue, beef, chicken, duck and other major equipment. It is used to inject mixed salt water into the meat. All kinds of meat are evenly permeated through the injection of salt water mixture, soft and delicious, and can increase the yield


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